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Mother, Surgeon, AND Scientist: Choosing All Three

You’ve Got This, Boss Mama: A Mother’s Guide to Embracing Growth and Living an Aligned Life is the fourth volume in the best-selling series. This extension focuses on nuances of career and merit in motherhood. The Mama Team shares their personal experiences and reflections along with an array of professional expertise. You will read stories from business coaches, entrepreneurs, CEOs, teachers, charitable foundation founders, and stay-at-home moms. We dive into the inevitable social and psychological shifts that occur when becoming a parent and the evolution of what it means to be a “Boss” Mama, reminding you always that, you’ve got this, Mama!

“We can all use a little more truth in our lives and these women have shown up with theirs – turn to it whenever you need a reminder that you’ve got a group of mamas at your side”.
       – Sarah Vartanian 

“This book makes every boss mama feel normal, empowered, inspired, and not alone. This book and the women who created and contributed to it is what we all need to hear”. 
       –  Jillian Harris



You’ve Got This, Modern Mama: A Mother’s Guide to Embracing the Present and Living an Inspired Life is the fifth and final volume in the best-selling series. This extension explores modern-day motherhood in all its glory. The Mama Team shares their personal experiences and reflections on parenting in the now. You will read stories about parenting in a pandemic, navigating the societal shifts and changes in gender roles, home life, nutrition, and education. We dive into the restructuring of the nuclear family and the invisible mother load carried by modern day mamas! We will prove to you that you are never alone and, as always, remind you that, you’ve got this, Mama!

“This book offers us true, raw, real, sweet, and often funny stories and examples of what it is to be a mama in the modern world. And most importantly, these anecdotes – paired with guided takeaways for navigating our modern motherhood – are eye-openers, providing us with a sense of togetherness, a feeling that we are not alone on this journey, and that with the support of each other, and with some self-acceptance and a little self-love, each of us can truly feel like ‘I got this’”. 

     – Lindy Sood


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